Are broadcasting rights killing motorsport?

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With media deals happening in every category for 2015, are these new pay-TV deals pushing fans away from the sport?

Broadcasting rights all point towards Fox. Photo: Fox Sports

With a sport that costs a lot of money to run with the fancy bodywork, complicated engineering and the drivers that are paid by the millions, there is also the media side of racing that costs channels millions each year, resulting in major series of motorsport no longer available free-to-air.

MotoGP is one category with a faint future on free-to-air, with fans purchasing a Foxtel sports package to watch their favourite rider or constructor win the world championship.

Network Ten are currently in their final year of televising the MotoGP, but will only retain full live coverage of the MotoGP until the end of 2014. Fox Sports are broadcasting every Moto2, Moto3 and MotoGP practice, qualifying and races live in 2014.

Marc Marquez in MotoGP. Photo: Fox Sports

Another broadcasting amend includes the new contract in V8 Supercars, with Seven losing the rights to Network Ten, Foxtel and Fox Sportswith only six of the races in the 2015 championship to be available on free-to-air channels.

Former TEN CEO and current CEO of V8 Supercars James Warburton signed the new broadcasting rights deal, including a $241 million media deal with Foxtel, Fox Sports and Network Ten for all media rights including $196 million cash and $45 million of advertising, making this deal the biggest in V8 Supercars history.

The new deal means that only the Adelaide, Townsville, Sandown, Bathurst, Gold Coast and Sydney V8 rounds will only be shown free-to-air.

“This is a tremendous and significant deal for our sport,” Mr Warburton said.

“It is a great boost to our amazing race teams and fans and will lead to unprecedented coverage on multiple platforms for our sport, never before seen on such a scale.”

Mark Warburton. Photo: V8 Supercars

Formula 1 is set to stay on free-to-air with the coverage supported by Network Ten, the only major motorsport category worldwide not under the Fox banner in 2015.

Currently on free-to-air channels in Australia, only the Formula 1 and V8 Supercars are shown live to racing fans.

Other categories shown within free-to-air are broadcasted a week or so later, including ONE HD’s coverage of the World Series Sprintcars, Australian Rally Championship and NASCAR.

Fans have expressed concern about the new broadcasting rights, stating it is another expense they cannot afford.

After interviewing fans at Winton Raceway during the V8 Supercar event at the Winton 400, most said they were outraged and disappointed about spending money every month to watch motorsport.

Nothing yet has been confirmed towards the coverage for motorsport after 2015.

By Loren Hazelwood. @LorenHazelwood

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Successful Wet Practice at Winton Raceway

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Todd Hazelwood after Practice 1

Todd Hazelwood after Practice 1

In the challenging Winton conditions and wet weather playing its part, South Australian Todd Hazelwood managed to sneak his way into the top 15, finishing combined practice in position 14 with a lap time of 1:26.1324.

“Really happy with how practice unfolded today, we have good car speed and I’m really enjoying the challenging conditions at Winton,” Hazelwood said.

“In Practice 1 we tried a few things with set-up, but the Winton surface had changed a lot since the team ran here last which also caught out many drivers up-and-down pit lane.

“The second session we had really good car speed, but unfortunately the way the session unfolded caused us to post the two fastest laps when both red flags were out in the session.”

With the teenager finishing inside the top 15, this enables Hazelwood to run in Qualifying with Group 2, being a great advantage for the 18-year-old.

“Really pleased that we are inside the top 15, as this really hurt us for Round 1 at Clipsal.”

“Knowing that we have good car speed and that we are in a good position makes me feel confident that we can be inside the top ten for Race 1.”

The South Australian is currently sitting outside the top ten of the Dunlop Series Championship in 11th position on 153 championship points.

The Dunlop Series will be running alongside the V8 Supercars this weekend at the Winton 400 as a support category, with the Dunlop Series set to hit the circuit for Qualifying tomorrow morning at 9:55 (Group 2).

Race 1 will also be telecast live tomorrow at 3:15pm (AEST), check your local guide for further details.

Winton 400
Saturday (5 April)
9:30: Qualifying 1 Group 1 (15 minutes)
9:55: Qualifying 1 Group 2 (15 minutes)
15:15: Race 1 (25 laps)

Sunday (6 April)
13:15: Race 2 (25 laps)

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.54.45 PM

An ABC Kids 90s Flashback

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It’s all come back, the A for Apple, B for Bee and the C for Carrot… This video has made me realise just how good I had it as a kid.

I’ll just leave these quotes with you.

“And I said HEY! What a wonderful kind of day..”

“Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat…”

“Have you ever, ever felt like this…”

“For your big fat information this is our imagination…”

“We love our bread, we love our butter…”

Gone are the days of watching our koala friend Blinky Bill running a muck.

Gone are the days of Daria reading Sick Sad World.

Gone are the days of those goddamn Bananas in Pajamas chasing teddy bears.

Gone are the days of Fireman Sam saving the day.

Gone are the days of Brum terrorising the streets and sneaking back into the garage.

Oh dear lord, childhood, you were amazing!

How can you forget shows like Trap DoorBabarBudgie the Little HelicopterRocko’s Modern Life,Where’s Wally? and Spot

Not only has this made me realise I should have never grown-up, but that I have always had a tender love for cars. I mean, how many other girls would love Thomas the Tank EngineNoddyBrum and Postman Pat?

Here’s the video folks. Sorry, but we couldn’t embed it. If you’re having a bad day, you’re about to get the biggest grin going on.

Why fans should stop the Volvo jokes

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It’s the age-old joke, calling someone a ‘Volvo driver’ if they couldn’t drive. Well, now we are the ones who should be laughing because Volvo are a dominant force. 

Scott McLaughlin racing at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide. Photo: Mark Horsburgh

Scott McLaughlin racing at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide. Photo: Mark Horsburgh

Volvo is a name synonymous to car manufacturers, and one that has had its fair share of jokes, but this year Volvo has smashed its debut in the V8 Supercars, exceeding everyone’s expectations.

The S60 V8 Supercar was entered this year by Garry Rogers Racing, and developed by World Touring Car team Polestar Racing who have re-created a car suitable for Australian circuits and an engine competitive enough to run at the front of the first race of the season.

It already appears much stronger than last year’s new manufacturers Erebus and Nissan.

Not only have Polestar and Rogers come together to create a blue-montser, but with a team of drivers including superstar rookie Scott McLaughlin and Swedish World Touring Car driver Robert Dahlgren, you have a team ready to smash some records.

At the Clipsal 500 Adelaide, McLaughlin made the crowd roar with his late-race manoeuvre on current V8 Supercar Champion Jamie Whincup,  giving Volvo their first ever podium in the category.

And of course for our at-home entertainment, McLaughlin dropped the f-bomb on live television.

As McLaughlin explained, “I just plucked her in first, gave it some jandal and f*ck yeah!”….and to explain what exactly a ‘jandal’ is
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.49.04 PM

Not only did Volvo make history placing on the podium, GRM actually sold out of merchandise at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide round and were automatically on back-order as fans demanded for more Volvo merchandise!

The team continued to power on two weeks later in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, breaking Shane van Gisbergen’s hat-trick of race wins to take out their first ever V8 Supercars victory.

McLaughlin managed to stay out of trouble, and the car managed to pull-through for history to break, putting the team in an even stronger position for the next round at Symmons Plains Raceway in Tasmania on March 28-30.

Just in case you missed the social media frenzy Volvo and McLaughlin started, you can show your support by using the hashtag #jandalarmy.


Written by Loren Hazelwood @LorenHazelwood

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Dumb Things Drivers Say

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In the world of motorsport, you could say the occasional F-Bomb and the oh-so delicate word for faeces gets thrown around pit lane, but most of the time it never gets recorded on television.

Well, with a sprinkle of LIVE television and a teaspoon of emotional driver, you have yourself a recipe for something quite exciting – and of course, rather unfortunate for the driver’s bank account.

Warning: the following videos contain offensive language.

Scott McLaughlin – 2014 Clipsal 500

The 20-year-old Kiwi didn’t expect to finish second on debut with Volvo. He also didn’t realise he was going to drive the fans wild after his speech…

Kimi Raikkonen

The Ice-man is no stranger to the media for his comic-remarks, but hey, it’s why we love him, isn’t it?

Jim Richards – 1992 Bathurst

Nothing could have possibly better-welcomed Mark ‘Skaifey’ Skaife into the V8 Supercar world, especially when your teammate calls a group of wound-up fans this…

James Hunt – 1976 British Grand Prix

Oh, and this is James Hunt. Known as the biggest larrikin to ever win a Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship. Bloody good on him.

Now, let’s wait for this weekend and see what the drivers’ can bring at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Mark Webber to drive at Bathurst 12 Hour with Eric Bana and James Tomkins

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Recently retired Formula 1 driver Mark Webber is tipped to head home to Australia for the Bathurst 12 Hour race in 2015. 

Mark Webber has his eyes set on Bathurst 12 Hour. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA

Mark Webber has his eyes set on Bathurst 12 Hour. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA

Australian racing driver Mark Webber has today started rumours that he may race the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12-hour in 2015.

Only days after racing his last Grand Prix in Formula 1 at Brazil, Webber already has his eyes on to conquer Australia’s endurance event at Mount Panorama, running under the Porsche banner.

The ex-Red Bull driver was asked on Twitter by a fan if he was going to run the Bathurst 12 Hour this year with the German team next year, with Webber’s reply “No 2015″.

Webber has also indicated that he will co-drive with Australian actor Eric Bana and Olympic rower James Tomkins.

Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour media manager Richard Craill believes this is fantastic news and can’t wait to see what Webber brings to the event.

“If Mark comes out, it will obviously be a massive boost for the event, he’s the biggest name in Australian motorsport on a global level and has a significant fan base both here and overseas,” said Craill.

“The reaction alone from him tweeting about coming and racing in 2015 has been massive, there is obviously a huge want for him to come and do it.

“The one thing we need to stress is that, at the moment, this is all coming off the back of Mark getting on Twitter – so fingers crossed he goes on record about it sooner rather than later and ‘officially’ commits to it!”

Webber is yet to officialy confirm if he will race in the Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour.

Written by Loren Hazelwood. @LorenHazelwood

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Hazelwood Wins Series Three of Shannons Supercar Showdown

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Todd being congratulated by team mentor Will Davison

Todd being congratulated by team mentor Will Davison

AUSTRALIAN FORMULA 3 racer Todd Hazelwood has taken out the grand finale of the Shannons Supercar Showdown, winning series three of the motor racing reality TV show.

The grand prize entitles the South Australian to a testing contract with Ford Performance Racing, as well as a race in the Dunlop Development Series race which will be held at the final round of the V8 Supercar Championship, the Sydney 500 at Homebush.

The 18-year-old went through several challenges among seven other rookies, having Ford Performance Racing’s Will Davison as his team coach, along with Mark Winterbottom and Tim Edwards also watching his progress throughout the show.

Hazelwood is ecstatic with the result, with the win really boosting his career progress.

“This is absolutely phenomenal, can’t believe I’ve won the show with the smallest of margins and to top it off be connected with leading V8 Supercar team Ford Performance Racing,” said Hazelwood

“The competition in the show was really tight between everyone and especially the Davison team, and after a long hard eight weeks, it was awesome to finish it all off with a win.

“Both Shannons and Ford Performance Racing have given me a once in a lifetime opportunity, I can’t wait to test their cars and experience the V8 Supercars for the first time.”

The Shannons Supercar Showdown ran over eight episodes, airing on Seven Network’s 7mate, with all episodes available to watch on YouTube among other special features.

The South Australian is set to test in a FPR Falcon before his Dunlop Development Series race in Shannons colours at the Sydney 500, over December 6-8.

Hazelwood also has his final round of the Formula 3 Australian Drivers Championship, currently second in the championship and held at Sandown Raceway, November 15-17.

What A Bloody Rush

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Ladies and Gentleman, fasten your seatbelts because Rush is by far one of the most inspiring yet adrenalin pumping movies you could ever watch. Whether you’re a racing fanatic or know nothing about those things that move on four wheels, this movie is a winner.

Directed by Academy Award Winner Ron Howard and written by Peter Morgan, Rush is based on the true story of Niki Lauder and James Hunt’s rivalry in Formula 1 back in the late 70’s, entering a world that most Formula 1 fans would have never discovered.

The movie is rather long, but definitely worth the time. It starts off with Lauder and Hunt’s rivalry back in the Formula 3 days, showing straight from the start how different the two characters were and how they progressed to the pinnacle of open wheel racing leading in two different directions.

If you aren’t familiar with the rivalry between these two amazing drivers and the 1976 Formula 1 season, I’d strongly suggest you Google it before watching the movie. The way Howard conducts the life of these two drivers is impeccable, with Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (James Hunt) and Daniel Brühl (Niki Lauder) turning in outstanding performances as these Formula 1 champions.

This movie shows the audience just how dedicated you have to be to race in Formula 1, especially when it’s life or death. Rush will definitely keep you on the edge throughout, making you wonder just how those two drivers survived racing all those years ago.

If you loved Senna and World’s Fastest Indian, I’d strongly suggest you go see this when it hits cinemas (October 3). Rush follows a similar storyline to the World’s Fastest Indian, yet draws you in on the true story just like Senna. Motorsport fan or not, this movie is a must see.

Keep your eyes peeled and go feel the rush – everyone’s driven by something.

Shannons Supercar Showdown Season Three

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The Shannons Supercar Showdown is back for series three this year, unveiling a new team and a new prize.

Season 3 with Ford Performance Racing. Source: FPR

Season 3 with Ford Performance Racing. Source: FPR

Eight young rookies this year will battle it out in a series of challenges to claim the number one prize of winning the Shannons Supercar Showdown.

The series is back for it’s third season, this year under Ford Performance Racing and also with a brand new prize, a 2014 testing contract with Ford Performance Racing and a race at Homebush this year in a Dunlop Development Series car.

Professional V8 Supercar drivers Will Davison and Mark Winterbottom will be the driver coaches this year, with brand new host motor racing reporter Briony Ingerson.

The rookies confirmed include two British drivers of Adrian Campfield and Dan Cammish, Formula Ford’s Macauley JonesChelsea Angelo and James Golding, Formula 3 stars Tim Macrow and Todd Hazelwood and current V8 Ute driver Craig Dontas.

This year’s rookies will split into teams of four, either belonging to Team Davison or Team Winterbottom.

They will compete in teams to earn points, testing their mental and psychical ability, race on simulators and compete in motorkhanas, Formula Ford, Sprint Karts and of course, V8 Supercars.

The team coach will then allocate a certain amount of points to the winner, with whoever having the most points earning themselves a place in the final four.

There is also a captain’s choice option, so if the contestant doesn’t earn many points, they may still have a place in the final four.

Unlike the two previous series, there are no eliminations this year.

The series will air over eight episodes on Australian channel 7mate Saturday evenings, online at:

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