2013 Wrap for Loren Hazelwood Media

Loren Hazelwood

Well, what a year 2013 was and what a fantastic start for Loren Hazelwood Media, looking stronger than ever for the coming year. 

Loren Hazelwood at the Sydney 500 working hard

Loren Hazelwood at the Sydney 500 working hard

Loren Hazelwood decided to get her career into gear by creating Loren Hazelwood Media, reaching her into the depths of the journalism industry.

Since starting her website and writing for other media outlets, Loren Hazelwood Media has posted over 70 articles, basing feature news articles from Mark Webber retiring to the biggest crashes in 2013.

Hazelwood started writing for the Australian Driver Magazine, which then pushed her towards working for Brisbane-based sport and pop culture website Spultured, then with the enthusiast team at Fiasco Sports, and also various feature articles for major racing publications.

Among contributing articles, Hazelwood also worked with her brother Todd Hazelwood, running his press and media throughout his debut season in Formula 3 and during his proud win on the Shannons Supercar Showdown.

Hazelwood also teamed up with Liam Meegan from Direct Management Group to start a weekly radio show called The Sports Show, interviewing AFL stars, V8 Supercar drivers, state politicians and following the sporting news.

Loren Hazelwood Media is currently working on getting bigger and better for 2014, with the final year of University studies approaching for Hazelwood, next year will make her stronger than ever.

If anyone is interested in a media package deal for 2014, please view the contact page. 


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