Hazelwood Steers Clear for Podium Finish

Formula 3 Australian Drivers Championship, Todd Hazelwood Racing
Todd Hazelwood leading the pack. Photo by Dirk Kynsmith

Todd Hazelwood leading the pack. Photo by Dirk Kynsmith

FUJITSU Racing’s Todd Hazelwood has stayed out of trouble in today’s eventful race one to finish in second place for the Forpark National Formula 3 series for the third round of the Australian Formula 3 Drivers Championship.

This success continued from Hazelwood’s fine form in qualifying, only just being pipped for pole position to start second on the grid.

Hazelwood decided to play a smart race, staying out of trouble in an eventful race one which included three safety cars and was shortened by one lap, but full race points were rewarded.

“Race one was very eventful, I thought it was best to keep the car straight,” Hazelwood said.

“My results today proved that being smart and keeping out of trouble was the best option for myself.

“Hopefully tomorrow we can have a race under green conditions.”

The South Australian believes he still has the pace to go one better tomorrow.

“I believe the Fujitsu Racing Dallara prepared by R-Tek Motorsport is on fire this weekend, and hopefully we can show that in races two and three tomorrow.”

Todd Hazelwood will hit the Hidden Valley circuit tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM for race two and 12:20 PM for the prestigious City of Darwin Cup race.

To keep track of Todd Hazelwood Racing’s progress at the Skyctiy Triple Crown, like his page on Facebook or follow Todd Hazelwood on Twitter.


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