Australian Racing’s Biggest Crashes Of 2013 – Part I

Australian V8 Supercars, Formula 3 Australian Drivers Championship, Spultured

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Spultured’s list of Australian motorsport’s top ten crashes of 2013.

Being involved with motorsport, you see the highest of highs – with drivers standing on the podium and spraying champagne, yet also the lowest of lows – as drivers face death as they tumble and crash at unbelievably high speeds. And this year, like every year, our Aussie drivers showed just how strong and safe these racing cars are.

Note: none of these crashes were fatal and all drivers walked away with non-life threatening injuries.

10. Gus Robbins, Darren Chamberlin and Clarke Quinn

Aussie Racing Cars
Gold Coast

9. John Magro and Ben Gersekowski

Australian Formula 3 Drivers’ Championship
Symmons Plains, Tasmania

8. Six-car V8 crash

V8 Supercar Championship
Hidden Valley, Darwin

7. Glenn Seton and Andrew Miedecke

Australian Touring Car Masters
Mount Panorama, Bathurst

6. Simon Hodge

Formula Ford
Homebush, Sydney

Check back tomorrow for our top five!


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