All F1 Drivers Can Drive

Formula 1, Spultured

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Monaco F1 Grand Prix - Race

A few weeks ago, I was watching the Formula 1 qualifying with another dedicated fan and he turns to me and says, “well, you do know that not all of the Formula 1 drivers can drive … it’s about how much money they’ve got”.

Now, I personally know how expensive motor racing is and that a lot of it has to do with sponsorship and “who” you know. But, this does not mean that the drivers in the current championship can’t steer an F1 car.

So, to back up my statement and prove my learned friend wrong, I conducted a little background research on the current Formula 1 drivers in an effort to prove to him that most, if not all, the drivers have actually achieved a massive amount in their motor racing careers.

For example, current world champion Sebastian Vettel has won numerous go-karting world titles, won the Formula BMW championship and competed with current F1 drivers in the European Formula 3 series. These racers have always raced together, proving that development categories around the world are a vital part towards making it to the top. But it’s not all about the guys at the front of the grid.

The driver’s who are not gaining points in the championship at the moment are also really experienced racers. For example, Esteban Gutierrez, a newcomer to Formula 1, brings a huge amount of experience to Sauber. The Mexican has raced all over the world, having already claimed a Formula BMW European title and finishing third in the GP3 series last year (which he won in 2010). Although Gutierrez is yet to make a podium finish in the big league, this can be put down, at least in part, to the team he is steering for.

Unfortunately not all teams in Formula 1 have the same amount of money, but these drivers are all clearly good enough to win once the richer teams give them a chance.

Just because they are running at the back of the field, it does not mean they are “slow” or “can’t drive”. They are there largely due to their team not being able to fork out for the best gear to make faster Formula 1 cars.

So, for any of you non-believers that think Formula 1 is all about drivers who can’t drive and have heaps of money – think again. The skills all drivers acquire can’t be bought with a couple of million of dollars, it’s so much more than just the money. These guys can drive!


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