Paying my respect to motorsport: maybe you should too

NASCAR, Speedway, Spultured


One major racing incident occurs and suddenly every second person is an expert on racing.

Motorsport is something that is barely covered in the media, but once a surreal incident occurs, way too many keyboard warriors jump on board the blame wagon.

The incident that occurred Saturday night involving NASCAR driver Tony Stewart and 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jnr was an absolutely devastating situation, making news around the globe and within minutes of the catastrophic event happening. Police immediately investigated Stewart about the death of young sprint-car driver Ward Jnr, but have ruled out that the NASCAR regular will be charged with manslaughter. The incident is however still under investigation.

A completely heart-breaking situation, yet people are still quick to judge saying crude and disgusting comments involving the beauty of hindsight. And if you were one of those who quickly jumped to a conclusion and started to blame – shame, shame, shame. Just to let you know, your face wasn’t inside either of the drivers’ helmets.

This was an incomprehensible tragedy, but this has happened before. Motorsport is dangerous, and it needs to be treated with respect. People involved in the sport are fully aware of the dangers, and so should the audience in order to fully understand the big picture.

I’m also not attaching the incident to this article, just to pay my respects to both drivers in this shocking situation.

My prayers go out to Kevin Ward Jnr, Tony Stewart and their families during this difficult time. Rest In Peace Kevin Ward Jnr; another racer taken too soon.