Rally champ breaks four-wheel Isle Of Man record

Fiasco Sports, Isle Of Man TT

Three-time British Rally Champion Mark Higgins broke the official Isle Of Man TT lap record for four-wheels in his Subaru WRX STI.

2015 model Subaru breaks Isle Of Man TT record. Source: Subaru

It’s not everyday you see a Subaru Rally car taking on the course of the Isle Of Man TT race, but Mark Higgins rose to the occasion, breaking the lap record for cars on the dangerous motorbike circuit.

Higgins managed a time in his Subaru WRX STI of 19m 26s, with an average speed of 187.44 kp/h.

The British Rally champion actually defeated and bettered his original lap record set in 2011 driving an earlier model Subaru WRX STI, breaking the original average speed of 185.65 kp/h.

The Snaefell Mountain Course will see the end of the Isle Of Man TT today, with the motorbikes reaching top speeds of 321 kp/h, with New Zealand rider Bruce Anstey racing around the course in 17m 6.6s.

Higgins believed he could have bettered his lap if he didn’t lose time over the top of the mountain.

“That was quite a wild lap, there’s definitely more time out there,” Higgins said.

“I probably dropped about 10 seconds going over the mountain, we lost some power, and locked up at Signpost.

“The first two thirds were perfect though – it’s a great feeling to break the record, but I want to break it by more.”

Higgins plans on coming back with Subaru to break his new record.

Written by Loren Hazelwood @LorenHazelwood

– See more at: http://fiascosports.com/rally-champ-breaks-four-wheel-isle-of-man-record/#sthash.Tp6XgpGj.dpuf


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